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Quarter and crown cut English oak flooring - The best way to mill a log for stability is by quarter-sawing. Standard through and through produces boards that tend to cup away from the heart. Quarter-sawn logs not only produce boards where the growth rings are perpendicular to the face, offering optimum stability and minimal distortion, but also thereby shows a fine figuring on the surface (medullary ray). This method creates the finest oak boards that can possibly be produced and is much desired by fine furniture makers. Using the right board widths and thickness these quartered boards are suitable for underfloor heating.

Coming from large country estates around the UK we use the finest of trees. The oak is slowly seasoned in our yard, for two years before being kiln dried and machined to create our beautiful flooring made up of boards ranging from 150 mm to 325 mm.


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We work with the finest architects and interior designers and directly with private clients. Creating residential and commercial spaces. We specialise in supplying floors for listed and heritage buildings. 


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Tel: 0044 1691 860181

0044 7816839957

The Estate Office, Cwm Pennant, Pennant Melangell

Llangynog, Oswestry, North Wales SY10 0HQ

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