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Our English Oak Flooring is 'quarter-sawn' to increase stability and show the finest figuring. A modern quartered log will optimise the usage of the timber from any particular tree.

Our flooring is laid down to air dry for at least 2 years and then finished in a kiln. Narrower boards are suitable for underfloor heating.

 Please contact us for technical advice on fixing, estimating and finishing.

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Although 'Quarter-sawn' boards continue to expand and contrast with changes in humidity, we produce boards that offer optimum stability and minimal distortion.

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Our English oak flooring is like good wine...laid down to air dry for at least 2 years and 'finished' in a kiln. It is this attention to detail in selection, cutting and drying that real connoisseurs seek.

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'Quarter-sawn' oak, especially English oak, has its own magical pattern known as 'medullary' rays. Little flame-like ribbons that bring the timber to life.


Under Floor Heating

There is a width and thickness limit that we recommend for use with UFH.  Our normal boards without UFH are 20mm thick and boards are supplied random from 125mm (5 inch) up to 325mm (13 inch). The wider boards, those above 225mm (9 inches) or 20mm thick, are not recommended with UFH.   


House in Buckinghamshire

Option 1.


Random boards up to 225mm wide

(9 inch) would be provided at 17mm thick with a tongue and groove (replacing the normal 20mm thick for use onto conventional joists.)  These would need to be fixed by secret screws through the tongues, or screw and pellet through the surface, onto a good quality Birch ply.   


Residence in Westminster

Option 2.


Random boards including wider ones than 225mm

(9 inch) can be supplied at 9mm thick. These boards would be square edged (not tongue and groove) and this they would need to be glued to the good quality 18mm Birch ply. 



In November 2021, following Storm Arwen, we had the once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase 250+ year old butts, from Estates around the UK, that had fallen in the storm. These were purchased in the round, are now milled and are in our yard seasoning.

Every year we plant trees. Last year alone we planted 1200 trees, mainly oak but all species native to the UK. To date we have planted approximately 15,000 native hardwood trees, mostly Quercus Petraea (Sessile Oak) here at our base in Wales.

Tel: 0044 1691 860181

0044 7816839957

The Estate Office, Cwm Pennant, Pennant Melangell

Llangynog, Oswestry, North Wales SY10 0HQ

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